POST api/Request/AllRequest

No documentation available.

POST api/Request/Attendance

Returns the list of requested attendance.

POST api/Request/Correction

Returns the list of requested correction.

POST api/Request/Regularisation

Returns the list of requested regularisation.

POST api/Request/ShiftChange

Returns the list of requested shift change.

POST api/Request/Leave

Returns the list of Employee Leaves with Status

GET api/Request/CorrectionDetail?ar_id={ar_id}

Returns Correction request details

GET api/Request/RegularisationDetail?reg_id={reg_id}

Returns Regularisation request details

GET api/Request/ShiftChangeDetail?Shiftreq_id={Shiftreq_id}

Returns Shift change request detail


GET api/Shift/Available

Shift : Get the List of Shift Type.

POST api/Shift/Retrieve

Shift: Return the list for shift assigned to the emaployee.

POST api/Shift/Update

Request to update the Shift.

DELETE api/Shift/Delete


GET api/Profile/GetProfile

Profile: To get profile data.

POST api/Profile/GetOthersProfile

Profile: To get other user's profile data.

GET api/Profile/BloodGroup

Returns the list of Blood Group.

POST api/Profile/Update

UpdateProfile: Used to add and update profile data.

POST api/Profile/Directory

Employee Directory: To get the list of employees.

GET api/Profile/EmployeeSearch?Keyword={Keyword}

Employee Directory: To get the list of employees.

POST api/Profile/UpdateImage

Update Profile Picture: Send Croped and Compresed Image in Form Data.

GET api/Profile/CelebrationDetail

Celebrations list

GET api/Profile/DashboardDetail?Empid={Empid}

Returns Dashboard details (LeaveBalance,OpenTicket,OpenRequest)


POST api/App/Version

No documentation available.

GET api/App/SendPush

No documentation available.


POST api/Approval/AllRequest

No documentation available.

POST api/Approval/Leave

Returns the list of Leave Requested.

POST api/Approval/Shift

Returns the list of Shift Requested.

POST api/Approval/Correction

Returns the list of Correction Requested.

POST api/Approval/Regularisation

Returns the list of Regularisation Requested.

POST api/Approval/GPSAttendance

GPS Attendance Approval

POST api/Approval/ApproveRegularization

Approve Regularization Requests.


POST api/User/Login

Login: To Check Login, This API is use to validate the user.

POST api/User/ResetPassword

ResetPassword: Used to reset password.

GET api/User/Logout

Logout: To logout from user session.

POST api/User/DeviceToken

Set Device Token for the Current Login.

POST api/User/ChangePassword

Change Password.


GET api/Attendance/IsPresent

Returns weather the employee is present or not.

POST api/Attendance/List

Returns the list of attendance.

POST api/Attendance/Requests

Apply for Attendance with Geo fencing Facility.

GET api/Attendance/Requested

Returns the list of requested attendance.

GET api/Attendance/CorrectionCategory

Correction Requested.

POST api/Attendance/CorrectionRequest

Correction Requested.

GET api/Attendance/RegularisationCategory

Retrieve Regularisation Category.

POST api/Attendance/RegularisationRequest

Request to regularise attendance.

GET api/Attendance/Detail?attendance_id={attendance_id}

Returns GPS attendance request details


POST api/Leave/Applied

Leave: Returns the list of Employee Leaves with Status

GET api/Leave/Category

Leave: Returns the list of Leave Type with availablity.

POST api/Leave/Apply

Apply Leave.

POST api/Leave/Cancel

Request to cancel leave.

GET api/Leave/Annual

AnnualLeave: To get Pending, balance and taken leave count.

GET api/Leave/LeaveDetail?LeaveCode={LeaveCode}

Returns Leave details

POST api/Leave/LeaveCancel

Returns the list of Leave Requested.


POST api/Action/Leave

Approve or Cancel applied leave.

POST api/Action/Shift

Approve or Cancel applied shift